Do you need full service or simple direction and suggestions for your interior design project?

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Full Service Design Projects

A full service design project includes presentations, meetings, project management and boring minutia going on behind the scenes. Parks Morgan Interiors handles every design detail because every decision made impacts another.

We handle the design throughout the full scope of the project and we are there to implement every detail. This includes the hiring and management of third party contractors for construction, upholsterers, window treatments, painters, ordering of and accessories, managing delivery, warehousing products until installation day and the final installation and touch ups.

We count on our full service clients to let us purchase on their behalf based on their approval. If you have other expectations, please let us know before we quote your project, otherwise additional design fees may be applied.

Phases of a Full Service Project:

1. Analysis

Determine needs, desires, and budget for project and verify site conditions with measurements, plans, and/or photographs.

2. Design

Conceptual design of space, to include general color schemes, samples, pictures, and drawings to suggest design ideas. 

3. Calibrating the Design

Fine-tuning of approved schematic design so that it becomes fixed.  Drawings, floor plans, elevations, and details as necessary are provided. Shopping and showroom visits are done in this phase if necessary. Lighting design and selection of all furnishings, fixtures, and finishes are completed. Budgets are approved.

4. Representation

Preparation of drawings, specifications, and other documents to have the project constructed. Proposals for furniture, window treatments, custom pieces, or any other type of furnishings will be completed.

5. Installation

Site visits are made to verify project quality and progress. Furnishings are delivered and installed.

Design Direction Consultation for the DIYer

If you only need advice and some design direction and are interested in a one time consultation here is how that works...

Consultations are up to 90 minutes and are performed in your home within Broward, Miami-Date and Palm Beach counties. 

Because there is a time limit for each consultation, we both need to be prepared to make the most of every minute we have.

How you should prepare for our meeting: 

  1. What are your goals?  Think about your purpose of the space we’ll be discussing, as well as the look and feel you want to achieve. Envision your ideal end result and then gather some example images of the things you like and the spaces that speak to the style you’d like to create.
  2. What are your problems?  What design dilemmas can I help you with? Make a list, starting with your most pressing issue, and then continue on down with more items needing to be improved in order of how urgent they are. During the consultation we’ll address the items in your list from the top down and go until the time is up.
  3. What is your project size?  You expect me to come up with ideas that are better than what you have thought of and that's fair. Give me an idea of what you like and dislike in advance. Email me your goals and thoughts. Give me access to your Pinterest boards. Do you want me to consider tearing through walls or throwing out all the furniture and starting over with your room? Do you have specific limitations concerning budget, time frame, and scope?

Color Consultation

How can a color consultation help you?

Whether you want a minimalist home interior or exterior or you want to brighten the home with splashes of color, it can be hard to choose colors from swatches of color charts. A color consultation can be an ideal way to choose the colors that would be perfect for your home interior or exterior.

Some homes have light flooding in while others may have less light available. A swatch of color does not tell you what would be right for your home, but we have seen them all and can help you choose the perfect colors for your home.

You may think Parks will come into your home and tell you the colors you should use in any room of the house. That is far from the truth: we will ask you what colors you like; what colors you look good in; how different colors affect your mood.  Then we help you choose the right shade for your home exterior or interior. When we come to your home, we will bring our swatches of color and ask you about the colors you want.

If you want to paint every room in the house, we will go into each room with you and discuss the wall colors and other colors you might need to brighten a room. We may start with wall colors, but won't leave out the colors of furnishings, bedspreads, curtains and cushions.

The cost of a color consultation is based on an hourly rate. One room should only take one hour. Sherwin-Williams paint purchased through Parks Morgan Interiors 20% less than the  retail price. Purchasing paint through us is not required. 

How Much Does a Color Consultation Cost?

How Much Does a Color Consultation Cost?

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